BrainGlucose uses patented technologies to deliver brain energy nutrient glucose in a timed manner. BrainGlucose is also safe and permitted by US FDA as in class of dietary supplement / food.

  • Like a timed bomb ticking for many Alzheimer’s patients as they suffer at least once a week nightmares, night sweats, or early morning hallucinations. While BrainGlucose is the only proved savior on the planet for these patients! Without it, patients will deteriorate to a severe stage and lose basic freedom and dignity, and put a lot of stress on family members and caregivers!
  • Maintains stable glucose level during sleep, eliminates nightmares and night sweats
  • Prevents nocturnal hypoglycemia and early morning seizures on medium or long acting Insulin products or some oral medications, like Glipizide.
  • Preserves normal brain functions and precious memories for different types of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Declined brain functions caused by stroke may gain benefits as well.
  • Provides ready nutrition for patients undergoing chemotherapy for a better sleep. Glucose is the only natural energy diffuse into blood circulation without need of enzyme digestion for the brain, even your GI track lining is compromised by the Chemo agents.
  • For technical details, please see the About page, and our company website www.ablecerebral.com.
  • Currently we only deliver to Canada, China, and USA.
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Testimonials from patients and families (病人自述和家人陈述)**:

From Dr. M (a professor in a public university in USA):

My 83 year old father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago. Towards the end of 2016, he started developing nightmares and waking up with hallucinations at least once a week. He lost energy and was very miserable during the daytime. I was introduced by a friend for him to try BrainGlucose tablets. Since February 2017, he has been free of those symptoms, and my mom said he has recovered to his earlier level in 2016. He is energetic now during the daytime and recommends BrainGlcuose to some of his old friends.**


From Jean (a 62 year old former accountant in LA, California):

I was diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease three years ago (my late father and older brother are also AD patients) and started taking Donepezil. I had nightmares and night sweats about once a week. I have been on BrainGlucose since September 2016. I never had those problems since then. And funny thing is, I also started to have regular dreams which I missed for many many years.**


From Mrs. T (女, 77岁,家住中国南京,17年糖尿病史,现使用短效和长效胰岛素产品;77 years old living in Nanjing China, a diabetes patient for 17 years, on short acting and long acting insulin products):


I had scary seizures a few times prior to taking BrainGlucose during sleep in early morning. Now I have taken it for more than 100 days and have not had seizure since then. My sleep improved significantly overall. I am glad that I have a very knowledgeable daughter who bought me these wonderful American tablets.**


From the daughter of Mr. L (男,88岁,江苏,退休大学校长;a former college dean in Jiangsu China):


I was introduced to these BrainGlucose tablets from my cousin. He was a retired pharmacist and used it for my aunt, who had developed dementia since she got a stroke in 1998. Amazingly, my aunt started watching TV shows again and is able to take a walk with my cousin for 30 minutes, which she had not been able to do for long time. I got a bottle and let my father with Alzheimer’s disease try it. Since taking this BrainGlucose, his day time nonstop salivation has come to an end. Even more miraculously, my father’s bowel and bladder problems overnight have been improved a lot. My mother and I are so pleased with this BrainGlucose tablet!**


From Mr. N (sad story from the husband of an AD patient Janet in Pennsylvania):

My 77 years young wife Janet was diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease three years ago. Starting the fall of 2015 she developed nightmares overnight. The nightmares became more frequent and she had more hallucinations in the early morning as well. Very quickly I found myself no longer be able to take care of her since she did not recognize me and lost most of her routines to take care herself. I had to send her to the memory home in the town. I wish I had known the BrainGLucose earlier.**

*There is no guarantee of effectiveness for cure of diseases.

**Testimonials from individuals are for reference only. Individual variations of each patient should be always in consideration.