Prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia for healthy brain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does BrainGlucoseTM (BG) work?
The BG caplet releases pure glucose in a delayed and sustained manner to target low blood sugar around 2-4 am. Many clinical studies with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) proved this vulnerable time frame of nocturnal hypoglycemia.
Why do most low blood sugar level and nightmares or related symptoms occur between 2-4 am?
This is because most REM (rapid eye movement) cycles occur in this period of sleep. REM sleep requires higher energy supply for memory consolidation. Senior adults have less REM sleep than children, and Alzheimer’s (AD) patients rarely have REM sleep at all. Many diabetic (DM) patients think that their sleep improved with less dreaming after using medium or long acting insulin products or some diabetes medications like glipizide, but this might affect memory functions in the long run.
Without continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), how do people know they suffer from low blood sugar during sleep?
In moderate cases, people may have nightmares, night sweats, or wake up feeling tired; in severe cases, people may suffer from hallucinations, seizures, coma or even death
Why do Alzheimer’s patients without diabetes (DM) have those symptoms (nightmares, night sweats, etc.) also?

While many seniors with type 2 DM end up with dementia, some AD patients without DM still lack glucose in their brain during night. We first raised this issue on the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in 2013 in Boston. Recent years more studies proved this, such as the research publication by the medical school of Temple University in Philadelphia (1/31/2017, we have no affiliation with them).

What will happen without taking BrainGlucose for those symptoms?
Alzheimer’s or dementia: if early or mid-stage AD ignore their nightmares which happen several time a month, their condition may deteriorate within half a year to severe stage and lose their independence and dignity of lives.
Diabetics: for younger patients, their hormone rescue system may react vigorously to cause seizures or coma; while for seniors, their memory may decay gradually to become Alzheimer’s disease eventually.
For cancer patients on Chemo therapy: since their digestion systems are compromised by Chemo agents, they cannot absorb nutrients for overnight energy supply. Luckily, glucose is the only ready energy supply without digestion needed. Eliminating nightmares and night sweats can improve patients’ overall mood and confidence during this critical therapy.
Other patients: as long as the symptoms are similar, BG can provide the same results and help, such as for some Parkinson disease patients.
*There is no guarantee of effectiveness for cure of diseases.

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