Several months ago, pharmacist David had his two week vacation to southern states. Beaches, historical towns, and he even toured some prospectus colleges for his son in junior high. Everything went well except he got a little blood in his urine and semen. It’s not much. He got the similar situation a couple of years ago. And it went away after taking some 500 mg Ciprofloxacin bid for 10 days. Not this time though. Ciprofloxacin didn’t do a thing. His PCP introduced him to the urologist. He underwent many tests from finger exam, PSA test, cystoscopy, and all the way even to MRI, nothing adverse was found. He did his own web research. And the only thing made him relieved a bit was the data shown that, just a few percent of those become tumorous. And the majority of people have to live with it, no matter how mind bothering daily! David is a very good pharmacist for problem solving. He just doesn’t give up. “If nothing is found, and the bleeding is not end, should I try vitamin K instead”? He ordered the Natural K100 mcg. Miraculously, within a couple of days, the bleeding stopped! After a week, he cut the dose from 1 tab daily to half. Since then, his life has returned to perfect normal!