weight loss mysteries

Weight loss Mystery #1: Should I drink iced tea or hot tea? Hot tea!!! Yes, iced tea will give your brain the wrong message of preserving extra energy resource and building extra insulation (fat). If someone tells you to drink iced tea to lose weight owing to fewer calories, they are treating you like a dead body! A normal human body is full of feedback mechanisms in the central nerve system (CNS). The next time you go to a restaurant, do not drink too much of that free ice water! During pre-refrigerator era, not many people could access to ice besides winter, so you would not see many overweight people in old films or pictures. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2013 “New York City soft drink size limit rule” could be replaced with an “ice limit rule” for less opposition and more effective to control obesity.
Weight Loss Mystery #2: How do I avoid the weight loss roller coaster? Regaining weight after losing it is common and very disappointing! Along with making long-term, sustainable changes to your eating and exercise routines, we recommend: 1). take 0.5 – 2 tabs of ChewFull right before your main meal daily to control your appetite and avoid over-eating; 2). taking 1-2 caplets of BrainGlucose at bedtime. A smooth and steady blood sugar level during the nighttime can calm your brain so that you do not crave calories during the day.

Laughter Can Be A Great Medicine

Laughter is indeed a great medicine, which many clinical studies have revealed.  The key is where true laughter comes from, and how to make someone laugh from his or her heart. Our medical system, while capable of great feats, is certainly not advanced at promoting laughter and joy. One easy evidence is from our be loved laughter star Robin Williams. He made us happy but not himself. So how can we enrich our lives with true laughter from the bottom of our hearts? Please send your thoughts. Thank you very much!

How to Spoil your Grand-Kids 101

Everyone is able to spoil his grand-kids.

There are thousands of ways to do that.

Here is how Dr. Oz do to his grand-kids: “I spoil them with toys.”

But nobody should have any concern about that since Dr. Oz recently also said, “We are judged by how we improve the world. And the most important thing we do to improve it is to raise kids who are contributing”.

What do you think?